About me

My name is Grace lian. I love to collect stickers! I live in Canada and my ancestors were from China. I love skateboarding and almost all the other sports. I have over 200 stickers! I post sticker unboxing videos on youtube. I have a lot of ideas for my own stickers! Stickers are awesome and ps they arent stickers like the stickers from dollar store they’re stickers from brands like puma, da bottom clothing and speakeasy. My life is stickers!

  1. younes says:

    how can i get free stickers… can you send me some stickers for my new skate board please

    my email: carazysoul@hotmail.es

    • Well you’ll need to go to the want stickers page and send me 2$ but if you want them for free you can go to my free! page. If you want you can also go to my channel on youtube where i will be giving away 150 stickers.

      • younes says:

        hahaha, so i need the free stickers the cause is im on the europe , i dont have dollars only euros hahaha,,, so give me some free stickers please please, if you want my adress reply me

      • Um even if you dont have dollars you can send me euros instead. I`ll give you the same amount of stickers as I would to people who send me 2$. I dont send out free stickers.

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